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Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Plumbing System

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Plumbing System

Spring is here, which means you’ve probably started your spring cleaning routine inside your home. However, there is a lot more to spring cleaning than simply organizing the closets, dusting the shelves and packing up winter clothes. Your plumbing system needs a little attention this spring, too!

Give Your Sump Pump a Quick Test

Fill three to four buckets of water and pour them in your sump pump. Observe how it reacts. Does the pump turn on quickly and discharge the water and then shut back off? If so, then the sump pump is working efficiently.

However, if you notice that there is a delay in the pump switching on or that it’s not discharging the water, there is a problem. You will need to call in a professional plumber like Crawford Mechanical Services for assistance.

Prevent Common Sewer Back-Ups

If sewer back-ups tend to be common at your home, then you will want to consider installing a backflow valve. This is installed in the floor drain and will help prevent any sewer back-ups on your property.

Clean Your Gutter System

Whether it is the gutters themselves, the downspouts or the drains, you need to make sure that your entire gutter system is free and clear of all types of debris. This includes leaves, branches and everything in between.

If sewer back-ups tend to be common on your property, then you will want to consider installing a backflow valve.

Cleaning your gutters ensures that rainwater can drain properly off the roof of your home. You will probably also want to check out your vent pipes to make sure that there aren’t any little critters trying to make a home there, as this is very common in the winter.

Test Your Toilet for Leaks

There are many homeowners out there who have no clue how to test their toilet for leaks, but it’s actually very simple. It can save you a huge headache down the road if you can catch a simple leak early on. All you need to do is grab some food coloring — a bright color, like red or blue — and head to the bathroom.

Take off the tank lid and flush your toilet. Wait for the flapper to drop completely and the tank to completely refill, then you will add several drops of the food coloring into the toilet tank. Go do something else for about 30 minutes and come back. If you notice some of the food coloring has made its way into the toilet bowl, then you have a slight leak. If a leak is present, give us a call at Crawford Mechanical Services and we’ll send someone out to diagnose and repair the leak.

Whether you need help preparing your home’s plumbing system for the spring season or you find yourself in need of emergency plumbing services, our professional team at Crawford Mechanical Services is always available to provide our expertise. Give us a call anytime — day or night — at 614-478-9424 or fill out our online form.

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