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5 Signs You May Need Your Drain Cleaned

5 Signs You May Need Your Drain Cleaned

Your drains are a very important part of your house. Many people forget just how important they are even though they play a vital part in removing waste water from the home. If you notice problems with your drain, call Crawford Mechanical Services right away to have your drain cleaned before the problem gets any worse. Here are five signs that you may need your drain cleaned.

Not Draining or Clogged

Clogs are one of the most common problems you might have with your drain. Here are some of the common causes of clogs:


Root systems sometimes grow through pipes in your plumbing system, which can cause clogs and other big problems.


It’s important to keep all food out of the drain, but it’s especially important to keep grease out. Bad clogs can occur when grease solidifies in a drain.


Keeping hair out of drains can be tough, but it’s important to try and catch it before it goes down the drain and becomes a clog.

Hair - Keeping hair out of drains can be tough, but it's important to try and catch it before it goes down the drain and becomes a clog.

Clogs needĀ to be removed as quickly as possible because standing water in the sink, tub and pipes creates an unhealthy atmosphere and can damage your plumbing.

Slow Draining

If the water doesn’t seem to be draining as quickly as it should, it could be a sign that a clog is forming in the drain. It’s best to go ahead and call a plumber to clean out the drain before the clog fully forms and completely stops water from flowing.

Unpleasant Odor

An unpleasant smell coming from the drain can be a sign of a clog. A small animal might have died in the pipe, or other unwanted materials could be backing up the drain.

Water Coming Back Up the Drain

If water is flowing up the drain back into your tub or sink, you may have a clog or another plumbing problem. Give Crawford Mechanical ServicesĀ a call right away!

Overflowing Toilet

An overflowing toilet is a definite sign of a clogged drain. If a plunger doesn’t get the clog out, the clog might be further down the drain than the plunger can reach. In that case, you’ll need help from a professional.

If you notice any of these signs, call Crawford Mechanical Services to get your drain cleaned. We use high-tech drain cameras to make sure that all clogs are completely removed, and we never use harsh chemicals that harm the environment or your plumbing.

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