Zone Control

Commercial Zoning Systems

If you’re considering zoning your office’s heating and air conditioning, now is a great time to take the leap. A zone control system is an excellent financial decision for your business’s longevity, and working with Crawford Mechanical Services ensures you receive the best services at an affordable price. We’re proud to provide our industry-leading zoning services at any commercial building in Columbus, Ohio.

Commercial Zoning Systems

For the past 25 years, Crawford Mechanical Services has developed an impeccable record for creating ideal air solutions for large-scale heating and cooling operations in Columbus and throughout Central Ohio. We’ve completed projects in:

  • Commercial buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial facilities
  • Retail facilities
  • Medical campuses
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Why Crawford Mechanical Services?

Commercial heating and cooling installation and repair requires workers who have significant experience with these systems. Knowledgeable contractors complete jobs efficiently and correctly.

At Crawford Mechanical Services, our team is just as important to our success as our customers, which is why we employ experts who meet our high standards. When you choose Crawford Mechanical Services to install a commercial zoning system, you receive services from technicians that are the most up-to-date on the practices in their field.

Another tenant of our mission is providing our top-quality services at competitive prices, so your business benefits from a lasting, cost-effective zone control system installation.

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Why Zone Your Building?

Commercial zoning systems involve giving more areas in your building direct control of the HVAC system. Instead of controlling the entire building’s temperature at once, every room has its own temperature control. This separation provides your business, employees and customers with many benefits, including:

  • Consistent comfort: Depending on your building’s size, different areas and rooms can have vastly different temperatures. By breaking the building into smaller zones, each area can get the air filtration it needs, providing a more consistent temperature across the rooms.
  • Better system life: Zones allow your HVAC system to take a break. It can focus on conditioning certain areas rather than adjusting the entire building’s temperature at once. Reducing the amount of work your HVAC system does can ensure the equipment last for years longer than a system constantly heating and cooling a larger space.
  • Lower costs: Since your HVAC system works at full capacity less often, your energy bills will start to lower in price almost immediately. Over time, using less energy can result in significant savings. Alarms & trends can be a part of your zoning system to let you know when major events occur to save on down time & repair costs.
  • Energy efficiency: Finally, reducing your HVAC system’s workload is good for the environment, too. The fixtures will need less energy to heat or cool fewer spaces, allowing your fuel to last much longer. VFD’s, night setback, analytics, & system optimization is a big one with energy efficiency.

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Crawford Mechanical Services is a licensed, bonded service provider for all businesses in the Columbus, Ohio region. Our employees are trained, complete background checks and undergo regular drug testing so you can feel safe when we come to work for you.

Contact the most trustworthy commercial zoning system provider in Columbus, Ohio, today. We’ll make sure that every inch of your commercial building stays comfortable for everyone.

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