Residential Furnace Services

During the winter, a good furnace does more than keep your family comfortable. Your heating system also keeps your pipes from freezing, which can result in extensive water damage. If your furnace shows signs of slowing down or needing maintenance, calling a professional right away can save you from repairs costing thousands of dollars after your pipes burst.

Why Choose Crawford Mechanical Services, Inc.?

Crawford Mechanical Services has provided furnace installations, tuneups and repairs in Columbus, Ohio, for over 25 years. Our team is one of the most trusted home service providers in Central Ohio, and we take that role seriously. We’ll do everything we can to complete the most efficient furnace maintenance you’ve ever had.

As a licensed, bonded business, you can feel safe with us coming to your home. Our team members undergo detailed background checks and drug testing before joining us, and we teach them everything we’ve learned from decades of on-the-job experience. Your furnace is in great hands when you hire our technicians for installation, repair or maintenance.

Air conditioner repairmen work on home unit. Blue collar workers.

Furnace Installation Services

Replacing a furnace is not a DIY project. A lawful installation requires permits, and only a professional knows how to do it properly without risking damage to the new system. We’ll help you choose the best furnace for you and talk you through everything, from the quote to the installation.

Repair Services

Your furnace may make strange noises or work improperly if it needs repair. These machines have a lot of small, delicate parts that need a practiced hand. HVAC service technicians like the ones at CMS can take one look or listen and know where the issues are, resulting in a more efficient repair.

Maintenance and Tuneups

Like your air conditioner and car, your furnace requires preventive maintenance every year. When you ask for our comprehensive tuneup, we’ll make sure everything in your furnace is running perfectly and ready to keep you warm for the upcoming season. We’ll complete:

  • Carbon monoxide and gas leak testing
  • Air filter replacement
  • Interior parts cleaning
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Cleaning the thermostat, pilot assembly and burners
  • Wiring and operations testing
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Finding the Right Heating System for Your Home

Our team knows how to take care of everything from performing heat pump furnace maintenance to completing multiple-stage furnace installation. Our talents shine when we’re working with:

  • Heat pump furnaces with electric heat coils: With a combination of air conditioning and heat, this machine can reverse its functions to provide both processes throughout the year.
  • Single-stage furnaces: This type of furnace runs at full capacity whenever it’s on because there are no levels, just on and off.
  • Multiple-stage furnaces: Adjust this furnace’s power mode when it’s on to conserve energy and reduce uneven heating.

Let Crawford Mechanical Services Fix Your Furnace

Crawford Mechanical Services will be there to provide services throughout your furnace’s lifespan, from installation and repairs to maintenance and replacement. We’ve learned about every part of these complex machines so you can focus on other things. Leave your home’s heating and cooling fixtures to us — contact our team today to get started.

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