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Gas Line Repair & Installation

Gas leaks around your home or neighborhood can be a serious problem. Natural gas is explosive, so a leak could cause a fire. It can also cause other long term issues if left untreated. It’s important to familiarize yourself with the signs of a gas leak so you can take the best steps to ensure the safety of everyone around.

In most cases, a gas leak calls for professional assistance, so it’s crucial to know a dependable team of gas line plumbers or technicians in your area. Homeowners in Columbus and throughout central Ohio can count on Crawford Mechanical Services, Inc. to diagnose and repair gas leaking gas lines.

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Gas Leak Repair

Gas leaks can be unsettling, but when you hire our dedicated team, we’ll operate fast to resolve any issue. Our qualified technicians specialize in repairing various types of steel, or plastic gas lines. No matter the issue, we’ll provide an effective solution.

At Crawford Mechanical Services, we hold customer health and safety as a top priority. Our technicians will always arrive on time and adhere to high quality and safety standards as they service your home. You can expect an accurate diagnosis and fast, effective repairs that allow you to rest easy knowing your home and neighborhood are safe.

Crawford Mechanical Services is central Ohio’s best source for residential gas line repair, but our services don’t stop there. You can also hire our team to repair gas lines at any commercial property, from office spaces to warehouses and restaurants.

Gas Leak Repair

Common Gas Line Issues

If you notice rotten smells around the house, your gas lines may be experiencing one of a few common problems. When you recognize signs of a gas leak, blockage or another issue, don’t panic — call your trusted local service team. The crew at Crawford Mechanical Services is qualified to handle any common gas line issue.

  • Leaks: Gas leaks are the most common problem associated with gas lines. Leaks can occur as a result of poorly fitted or faulty appliances like stoves, boilers and water heaters. Gas suppliers add a foul smell to the gas to make it easier to identify leaks when they happen. If you notice a smell, you should call a professional crew to ensure all lines are secure and all pipes are properly sealed.
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Homeowners can count on Crawford Mechanical Services for effective gas line installation, repair and replacement in Columbus Central, Ohio. With over 40 years of industry experience and a crew of dependable, certified technicians, we’re ready to remedy any leaking or clogged gas line. Our team has the skill to perform gas line repairs and installations for residentialcommercial and industrial customers.

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