5 Plumbing Mistakes When Remodeling Your Kitchen

5 Plumbing Mistakes When Remodeling Your Kitchen
crawfordmech February 17, 2017

Remodeling your kitchen can change the entire atmosphere of your home, as it is often the focus point of many American homes. Not only does it serve as the center for meal preparation, if you add a breakfast bar or nook, it works as a gathering spot for both breakfast and informal meals. That’s why it is so important to do the job right. Watch out for these common mistakes that can put a crimp in your remodeling efforts.

The Wrong Sink

It’s only natural to concentrate on gorgeous new cabinets and added features in your kitchen when you are choosing a new design for your kitchen. This often means the sink gets less consideration. In many cases, you simply assume the sink will work with any design. But neglecting to take the sink into consideration can cause a number of hassles, such as not having enough room for installation, needing to trim the cabinets or needing to cut new holes for the sink. That’s why professionals recommend choosing the sink first. This avoids any last minute delays and disappointments and makes sure your kitchen remodel will go as planned.

Plumbing Confusion

Like the sink, the plumbing in your kitchen is a major concern. Using mismatched plumbing fixtures and pipes can lead to leaks, which then results in low water pressure. Likewise, trying to connect too many fixtures to one pipe can reduce the water flow and leave you wondering why you don’t have the water pressure you expected. Make sure the pipes and fixtures are compatible and that you have the proper connectors before you begin the task of changing the plumbing in your kitchen.

Forgetting the Vent

Plumbing vents are special pipes that direct sewer gasses outside the home. They also allow air into the pipes to maintain proper drainage. Without them, you may subject your family to dangerous gasses and be plagued with drains that are sluggish or slow. This simple mistake can cause havoc with your plumbing and may put you and your family at risk.

Neglecting the Flooring

If you intend to install new flooring in your kitchen, do this first. It ensures that you will have enough clearance for your cabinets and other kitchen features and makes installing the floor easier, too. Don’t get caught in the trap of a bright new kitchen with old flooring that is now difficult to replace, or that causes problems with your new cabinets.

Trying to Do It All Yourself

If you are the do-it-yourself kind, you might think you can save money on remodeling the kitchen on your own, but there is much to be said for hiring a trained professional to do the job for you. Professional plumbers have the experience and expertise to install plumbing that is both functional and safe, while cabinet installers can make any necessary adjustments to ensure everything is in its place. Unless you are a carpenter or plumber, avoid trying to do it yourself and hire a professional instead.

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