Caulking Your Toilet Can Prevent Future Plumbing Problems

Caulking Your Toilet Can Prevent Future Plumbing Problems
crawfordmech June 9, 2017

Many people don’t think about their toilet until a problem arises. However, being proactive and doing what you can to prevent problems will save you headaches and the cost of repairs. One of the best things you can do to prevent water or moisture from getting under your toilet where it cannot be cleaned is to caulk it properly. 0909

Use Silicone Caulking

Silicone caulking creates a water tight seal and prevents water or moisture from showers or mopping from seeping underneath the toilet. It may be sold as tub and tile caulking or bathroom caulking and comes in a tube. Resist the urge to buy the cheapest tube available. High-quality caulking may cost a bit more, but it can save you a bundle in the long run.

Select the Right Color

Caulking comes in a variety of colors. Choose a shade the closest to the color of your toilet for the best results. This enhances the appearance of your entire bathroom and makes your toilet look like it belongs there.

Prepare the Area

Clean the area where the caulk will be applied and allow it to dry completely to ensure the best seal. Use painter’s tape to mark off the area so that any excess caulking will not mark your toilet or the floor.

Applying the Caulking

Use a caulking gun (you can buy one at your local hardware store) to apply an even bead of caulking around the base of your toilet. Fill the joint completely and smooth it with your finger or a caulking tool. Keep a cloth moistened with solvent handy to remove any stray caulking. Place a piece of cardboard on the floor to lay the caulking gun on when you are finished. Some caulking will continue to ooze through the nozzle even when the gun is at rest. The cardboard will protect your floor and make cleanup easier.

Cleaning Up

Once you have tooled the caulking, you can begin the cleanup process. Remove the painter’s tape and discard it. Use the solvent moistened cloth to remove excess caulking on the toilet or floor or anywhere that it shouldn’t be. Don’t worry if some caulking begins to dry before you can remove it. Let it dry completely and remove it with a razor blade after it has dried.

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