How To Keep Your Pet’s Drinking Water Safe

How To Keep Your Pet’s Drinking Water Safe
crawfordmech June 23, 2017

Summer typically means more outdoor activities for both pets and their owners. That also makes access to clean drinking water vital for both you and your pet. Under ideal circumstances, clean, filtered water is the best choice for your pets. While you can’t eliminate all sources of standing water in the environment, especially if you take your pet on excursions to the park or on runs on nature trails, monitoring when and where your pet drinks can go a long way toward keeping them safe and hydrated.

Problems with Standing Water

Your pet may be tempted to grab a quick drink from standing water in mud puddles and ditches, but this can pose a health risk. Standing water can contain chemicals or contaminants from the surrounding area and may contain harmful bacteria, such as Giardia or Leptospirosis. Giardia can cause severe diarrhea and dehydration that can even lead to death if untreated. Leptospirosis causes lethargy, muscle tremors, jaundice, fever and can lead to renal failure. Carry fresh water with you and offer it to your pet frequently while you are away from home and watch them closely to prevent them from drinking sources of standing water.

Advantages of Water Fountains

If you haven’t purchased a water fountain for your pet yet, it may be time to head out to your local pet supply store. Consider these advantages of providing fresh water for your pets via a water fountain.

  • Pets prefer to drink from moving water. Both cats and dogs seek out sources of running or moving water over stagnant water and enjoy drinking from a fountain where fresh water is always moving.
  • No need to change the water daily. Pet fountains filter the water to keep it fresh, which means less time and effort is required to constantly empty and refill the bowl. Many also filter out stray hairs and bits of debris that can make your pet’s water unappealing.
  • Fountains add humidity to the air in your home. The flow of water adds moisture to the air in your home, increasing the comfort level for you and your pet during the winter.

Water Filters

Whole house water filtering systems will keep drinking water fresh and clean for both you and your pet. This can be an advantage, even if you already have a pet water fountain, as fresh water is always available to take along on trips outside. Get in the habit of filling your pet’s outside bowl with fresh, filtered water to keep them healthy and deter them from seeking out sources of standing water.

Part of keeping your pet safe and healthy is providing clean drinking water. Crawford Mechanical Services can help you by installing or servicing your water conditioning system and making sure your water is always clean and fresh. We provide 24-hour emergency services and would be happy to assess your current system to make sure your family’s water is safe and clean. Contact us today.

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