Pedestal or Drop-In Sink: Which Is Right for Your Bathroom?

Pedestal or Drop-In Sink: Which Is Right for Your Bathroom?
crawfordmech March 3, 2017

The sink is one of the three pillars of the bathroom alongside the tub and the toilet, so it’s understandable if choosing between the many available styles and models can be overwhelming. To make the decision easier, you should start by looking at the sink styles and choosing the one that you think will go best in your bathroom. To start, we will look at two of the most popular options: the pedestal sink and the drop-in sink.

The Pedestal Sink

Pedestal sinks are stand-alone structures typically consisting of a basin that is supported by a tall, slender column. Because of their small profile, pedestal sinks are an excellent choice for smaller bathrooms where space is at a minimum. The columns are usually decorated, bringing character to your bathroom without consuming any more space. The basins are typically bowl-shaped and don’t have any flat surfaces surrounding them.

Installing a pedestal sink is a relatively straightforward process of mounting the sink to the wall and connecting the faucet. Once installed, it can be easier to access the pipes for minor plumbing repairs without any cabinetry interfering with your access compared to drop-in sinks. You can replace the faucets in most pedestal sink models without needing to unbolt the mounts from the wall, so you don’t have to settle for the one that comes with it.

The Drop-In Sink

Drop-in sinks are set into the countertop of a cabinet, the plumbing hiding underneath and taking up some of the cabinet’s interior space. The countertop provides additional surface area for holding soap, toothbrushes and other bathroom accessories. Like the column of the pedestal sink, the cabinet can be painted to add more color to the bathroom’s decor. The storage space underneath is a great spot to stash cleaning supplies or hair dryers and styling tools. The bulk of the cabinet will eat up more space than a slim pedestal sink, which can be a problem when you have limited space.

Drop-in sinks need to be installed into the top of a cabinet, “dropping in” a hole in the countertop. To make things easier, many drop-in sinks conform to standard shapes and sizes such as the common oval. If you want to replace the sink later, you may have to replace the countertop or the entire cabinet if they are not the right size for the new model. Like the pedestal sink, you can replace the faucets without needing to change out the sink or the support structure.

Customize Your Bathroom with a New Sink Installation

Whether you go with a pedestal sink, a drop-in sink or another style, Crawford Mechanical Services can quickly and professionally install your choice thanks to years of combined experience in tackling bathroom and other residential plumbing projects. Once you decide, give Crawford a call for a quote or to schedule an appointment for installation.

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