Sump Pump Tips to Keep Your Basement Flood Free

Sump Pump Tips to Keep Your Basement Flood Free
crawfordmech June 11, 2016

Your sump pump can be a godsend when the flood waters come pouring into your basement, but that only applies if your pump is working efficiently. To keep it in tip-top shape so it can do the job it is designed to do, you need to perform some routine maintenance throughout the year. Follow these tips for keeping your sump pump ready for flood waters whenever a big storm strikes.

Clean the Sump Pump

It is easy to think your sump pump can take care of itself as it whisks dirty water and debris away from your home. But the truth is it needs your help occasionally. Remove the pump from the basin and clean the screen on the bottom. This can get clogged with dirt and gunk as it sucks up dirty water. For best results, clean the pump after major uses or a least once per year, depending on how often you use the pump.

Clean Drainage Pipes

While you are in cleaning mode, check the drainage plumbing for any signs of blockages or clogs. Remove any debris in or around the pipes to keep water running freely when your sump pump is in use. If you have problems clearing the pipes, call you plumber now so you can get it taken care of before the waters come flooding in.

Test the Sump Pump

Knowing your sump pump is ready to go whenever the need arises will give you peace of mind and may avoid the cost of emergency calls to the plumber. To test the pump, fill the basin or sump pit with water. If it is functioning properly, the pump will automatically turn on and begin pumping out the water. Remove the pump from the water and check that it turns off on its own.

Level the Sump Pump

Your sump pump can easily be knocked off kilter from the hard work of pumping away flood waters. Check that it sits level in the pit or basin to get the most efficient use from your pump.

Check the Power Source

Your sump pump depends on you to provide it with power. Check the electrical cord for any signs of damage and ensure that it is connected to a ground fault circuit interrupter. This prevents injuries if the pump malfunctions or faults in the cords occur. This is also the time to check that your emergency back-up source is connected properly. When big storms blow in, you are likely to lose electricity too. A backup battery or generator will ensure that your sump pump will be able to run even if the electricity is lost.

If the unthinkable happens and your sump pump stops working just when you need it most, contact us right away. We offer 24-hour emergency services and can repair or replace your sump pump quickly to avoid damage from flood waters.

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